Client Brief – Wedding Belles

For my biggest brief of the year, I had to chance to find a client and make some real work to go out into the industry. I picked Wedding Belles, an independent bridal company and made a mock up website, poster and business cards, that will be implemented as the client chooses later on in the year. The company wants minimalist yet elegant designs that compliment and express the business, and its message is that the woman feels welcomed and enjoys a comfortable and personal experience. Wedding Belles wants the bride to feel comfortable and great in her own skin, and knows she is supported no matter the race, religion or figure.

Wedding Belles is owned and operated by Althea Smiff in Stokes Valley. It is an independent bridal wedding business. The design management is run by Reece Smiff and he was my client for this project. The brief included redeveloping and expanding a small business, designing  a series of products and making mockups. The client wanted a minimalist yet simplistic and elegant approach to the designs. He wanted the wedding theme to also be metaphorical. The website mockups below are an elegant approach to the business, adding extra flair and sophistication, emphasising that it is what the business gives to the women for their special day. Learning different techniques for this brief, was a little out of my comfort zone, as I really have not experimented before yet was an interesting and rewarding exercise. Fellow classmate, friend and graphic designer Iona Brinch taught me the best way to do watercolour. She taught me some good techniques which got me started and helped me complete the first so I could see how it was done. The concept that the client ended up finding the most attractive for his website and other series of products was the floating metaphorical wedding material background. He wanted the blue look because he felt the added blur and sparkles were elegant yet very princess like at the same time. It is a blur of emotions and sparkle for the special day. It was to create a sort of dream cloud, draping down like material from the bodice to the tulle train. The minimalist approach exemplifies what the business is about, as the designs of the dresses speak for themselves, much like the company’s designs should do. The minimalism allows impacting yet very visually attractive pieces that will catch the women’s eye to inspecting what else is in store for them. The elegant design style is the main focus for success within these pieces. Its not what the company wants from the women, its how the company fits to the woman.

wedding belles 1
wedding belles 2
Galleries pages
wedding belles 3
About page
wedding belles 4
wedding belles 5
Contact page
wedding belles 6
Blog page
wedding belles wall poster
Wall poster
elegant wedding belles bc
Wedding Belles Wedding Show VIP Cards
business cards wedding belles stack
Official business cards

wedding belles website mockup cropped

Website mockup in studio

The series of products created her for Wedding Belles are official business cards, Wedding Show Official Business Card, Website mockup, Poster mockup and Studio mockup.

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