Anthony Randell Photography Book

One of my main graphic design assignments was to make a book. The process involved learning book binding, layout and pre-press. I chose Anthony Randell, my uncle and professional photographer. He asked for a coffee table type landscape book to exhibit his work. The photography book exhibits the breathtaking and high quality photographs of his travel all over the world. The book was perfect bound and was pleased by the result.

Working for my uncle on this project was a very enlightening journey into his photographic ventures and I would like to thank him for the photograph use on his Flickr account. 

anthony's book open book
Folded out version
wildilife spread
Wildlife spread
sun landscapes.jpg
Long landscape spread – African sunset on the plains
a randell other pages.jpg
Long landscape spreads –  Buffalo herd over African plains
landscapes 1.jpg
Official landscapes category spread
animals 22.jpg
Animal big print layout spread

The photography book was one of the best projects I have ever done. It was a lot of fun, figuring out how book spread layouts work, learning about the process of book binding and finding out how the layouts can compliment the work itself. My uncle, who is the professional photographer of the book, Anthony Randell’s photography was really exciting to work with. What I loved most however is that the photography itself didn’t to be manipulated in Photoshop in any way because of the fact that the images are spectacularly polished and taken. The designs are meant to be simplistic and complimentary towards the photographs. So a colour matched extending line from the photographs with details of each one on either side of the extended lines vertically describe the photographs.

anthony's book open leaf
Landscape spreads

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