Fancy Feast – FMCG

The Fancy Feast packaging was a project for Fast Moving Consumer Goods. We were asked to do packaging of a supermarket brand that was inventive, stylistic and new. I chose to design an individual box that will hold the three major and popular cat can flavours. The design includes top labels, the side views front and back, new updated designs of the cat cans, labels on the side, new redesigned logo, creative cat barcode, specially unique designed packaging and re-foldable bottom. This design was created to make a better use of the Fancy Feast cat cans and to make the carrying more manageable.

The design is purely made for customers to have better management of their favourite cat food brand. I aimed to incorporate a lot of the design aesthetic that comes with Fancy Feast, and I found the most striking features of their campaigns are the minimalist designs and the white cat they use for the video ads.

New concept – top labels

The complimentary colours are sampled from the original cat can flavours and used to create helpful designs that distinguish the wanted flavours. The packaging was an exciting venture as it was an open board due to no packaging existing for Fancy Feast in the past. So after a lot of brainstorming and concepting, a nice flowing minimalist and striking design was chosen. The side view includes the white cat staring at the cat flavours drawing the buyers to this to help them figure out which flavours they are purchasing. The bottom of the package includes the fluffy feet of the white cat, a clever and cute way to indicate the bottom is unfoldable and that is the correct way to take out the cans

New concept – top labels
Back view

Fancy Feast packaging has been always been a significant design problem. When I was younger, I always remember trying to carry multiple tins of Fancy Feast, only to have them fall to the floor. They are the only supermarket cat food brand that does not have any significant packaging. For easy viewing of the ingredients, the design solution was to include the information on the back of the packaging along with the initials snd colours of the cat can flavours.

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