Style and Technique – VNZMAS

mark ryden billboard flattened final verticalThe first brief we were asked to design three adshels in poster format for the Vodafone Music Awards 2015. We were asked to do these posters in the styles and techniques of three artists. I chose to use Mark Ryden, Sandra Dieckmann and H R Giger. In the final concept, I crafted the idea of hands holding out a music box since the awards are giving the music awards to the people and the music artists.

MARK RYDEN, Painter.

Mark Ryden concept with dreamy and porcelain textures (Photoshop)

This first poster I designed was the most challenging one to begin with. Mark Ryden, as I found in my research, very much hides all the major features in the skin and makes it appear very smooth, dreamlike, porcelain and innocent. The skin on the girl’s portraits I was inspired from had a very pale white or very light pink glow which I was aiming to artistically interpret. The first part of the process was to research how hands can be affected by different shading and tools in Photoshop to create the desired effect of the smooth hands. As my concept involves the person giving music to the audience in the form of a music box, I want all of these concepts to give out an artist style to the audience as well for the purpose of intriguing them to go to the Vodafone Music Awards. The dry smoke effect is the smoke they normally use to unveil big acts at concerts, and my choice was red to accurately reflect that it is a Vodafone Music event.

mr inspiration imagesSANDRA DIECKMANN, Freelance illustrator and artist.
MOST FAMOUS FOR: Her nature and wildlife abstract art

sandra dieckmann final billboard cmyk flattened
Sandra Dieckmann concept with sketch like textures (Photoshop)

The second poster I designed is based on the sketch like drawings of Sandra Dieckmann. I really liked the way she uses her textures overlaid onto sketches she has created. I incorporated her artistic triangles from her spirit animal art called Found You There. These triangles are a nice representation of Sandra Dieckmann and her style, as she incorporates many shapes into her artworks. Her style is a touch on hyper realism and a sketch cartoon like look. She overlays her sketches in Photoshop, on top of textures to create the depth, shadow and lighting you see that create more of a 3 dimensional form to her subjects. Sandra Dieckmann has a lot of creative outlines around her subjects, so after overlaying my cracked and paper textures, I added a triangle blend outline to the hands to create a more distinctive form that pops out.

sd inspiration.jpg

H R Giger, Artist and surrealist painter.

hr giger billboard flattened final cmyk
HR Giger concept with bio-mechanical and rustic textures

The third poster I designed was drawn from inspiration for HR Giger. HR Giger works mostly with the most realistic grunge filled, rustic, metal, creepy and skeletal elements with the most surprising background. A lot of his drawings involve elements like piping, car engines, snake vertebrae, corrugated pipes etc… I researched all of these elements of which I could overlay onto my designs and found corrugated pipes and electrical wiring the most interesting to work with to create the smooth, creepy, distinctive feel of H R Giger. The background is a grunge textured close up of the music box strings and tuned teeth of the revolving cylinder.

hr giger inspiration.jpgTHREE POSTERS vnzmas
Style and Technique was a very challenging project. We were asked to do three artist style and techniques towards the Vodafone Music Awards and the theme of music. The theme of music was supposed to be the essence to capture as well as interpreting the three artist choices we individually pick. The process is mainly digital and I spent a few days carefully choosing which artists to interpret.

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