Direct Mail SWAZI Save the Tiger Campaign

This was a group project for direct mail. I worked with my fellow graphic designer and classmate Jess Knipping on this project. I have included the designs I worked with on, and the rest are the designs she mainly created. We created an invitation that pop up that is part of the SPREAD OUR STRIPES campaign for SWAZI. We designed a campaign that would successfully emphasise safe hunting overseas towards the endangered Siberian Tiger species. The campaign involved three web banners, a pop up mailer invitation, new special edition Siberian Tiger SWAZI hunting gear and stickers they can use wherever to raise more awareness. IMG_5958.JPG

Pop up mailer invitation

The direct mailer is aimed as a pop up invitation as seen in the mockup above. Credit to Jess Knipping, as she blended the two environments together to fit the Swazi man in the image and the prowling tiger on top of the mountain. We both discussed what we wanted people to see in the mailer. A lot of people could argue that the man is not going to stop hunting the tiger, but realistically this image represents the opposite. The intended message is about the man seeing the endangered Siberian Tiger, very few of its kind in the world, in the location Russia, and not hunting him because the tiger is too beautiful and too few of his kind. It is to show people like this hunter, to have awareness about how these beautiful creatures should not be hunted. The requirement of the brief was also to highlight the passion of the SWAZI man towards Siberian Tigers.

Web banner 1
Web banner 2

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