The Wellington Club – Club News March 2018/Autumn Edition

The latest edition of the Club News starts off by visually showcasing the beginning of the year’s events happening at the Club along with a multitude of exciting articles and reviews.

The Club News contains a multi-page hub of information for Wellington Club Members to peruse such as news from the Billiard Room and Snooker Tournaments, upcoming Special Interest Groups which are weekly/monthly events like Poker, Bridge, Gardening, Choir, Chess, Ballroom Dancing, Sailing etc… convened by select Club Members with a passionate interest in one of those areas.

Also included in the Autumn Edition is information from the Health & Fitness Centre at the Wellington Club, an introduction letter starting off the newsletter from the current Club president, Professor John Prebble QC, followed by a secondary introductory letter from the Manager/Secretary of the Club, Justine Mitchell, a biographical page listing all of the New Members of the Club, a Club Calendar outlining the events of the upcoming four months ahead starting from March 2018 to June 2018, a reviewed Reciprocal Club from an existing Club Member, a wine article woven together by wine expert, Brett Newell of Eurovintage, upcoming presentations/speakers from Victoria University, a description of the chosen Club Art which is a real full-length painting of The Three Watchmen at the Club, the chosen Club Recipe straight out of the Club Kitchen and the Club’s current wine choices from multiple well-known external winery sources advertised as the Club Cellar.

All mockups provided by

Mockups DesignMockups Design

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